Integrated Art

Biomes Curriculum

This curriculum introduces children in grades 3 – 5 to the various biomes of the world. In the process, they will build curiosity about the world at large and develop a sense of what it is like to live and survive in other parts of the world.

Students are encouraged to gather and analyze evidence to draw conclusions about biomes. This is achieved through field trips, atlases, informational texts, and websites to help them discover more about topography, geography, climate, plants, animals, and humans in biomes. Students will synthesize all of this information and demonstrate their understanding of how people interact with their environment by creating a three-dimensional model of a biome in their Integrated Art period. Students will work as a community of learners to take action in finding effective ways to protect biomes around the world.

This online curriculum was developed by: 

The team would also like to thank Lila Mortimer, former 7/8s Head Teacher in the
Bank Street School for Children and co-writer of the original curriculum.

Teacher watches students during biomes project

Role of the Teacher

Explore the role a teacher plays in facilitating learning for children in different stages of their artistic development. This involves introducing children to visual concepts in the world around them and helping them retain these concepts to expand their artistic repertoire, make discoveries about their surroundings, and become more complex human beings.
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Girl observing plants and flowers

Photo Gallery

Check out some snapshots of our students in action during the eight weeks they spent completing the biomes curriculum, which provides learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.
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