Summer Camp


At Bank Street Summer Camp, all campers learn to swim using the Red Cross’s Learn-to-Swim program, which allows children to practice in a safe environment and progress at their own pace. Campers swim twice a week in the beautiful pool at the 92Y for a weekly total of 60 minutes of instructional swim time.

About the 92Y Pool

The 92Y Pool’s depth ranges from 3.5-8 feet and the water temperature is maintained at 82–84 degrees. American Red Cross-certified lifeguards monitor pool activity at all times. Instead of chlorine, the pool is cleaned through an ozone purification system, which is 3,000 times faster than chlorine and purifies the water without side effects.

Assessment in the Water

During their first swim class, each camper is assessed in the water for both comfort and skill. After the assessment, each camper is put into a leveled class. Once campers are sorted into designated groups for their appropriate comfort and skill, our Aquatics Staff uses the Red Cross’s Learn-to-Swim program.

Swim groups are kept small to maximize learning in the pool. We maintain a 1:6 swim instructor-to-camper ratio. With the addition of group counselors, the ratio of adults to children at the pool is 1:4.

Pool Safety

Respect for the rules and guidelines at the pool is very important for maintaining a safe environment. Our swim staff monitors the safety and whereabouts of each individual child in several ways:

  • There are multiple adults responsible for campers while they are in the pool.
  • An American Red Cross–certified Water Safety Instructor supervises and instructs each group.
  • Each camper is assigned a buddy in the water and buddy checks are conducted every 15 minutes as required by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.