Tuition & Financial Aid

At Bank Street, students spend their formative years in a supportive yet rigorous learning environment curated by teachers with a deep understanding of child development. With this robust foundation, our students grow into passionate, bright, and curious learners prepared to excel in the most competitive high schools and colleges—and beyond. 

As part of the larger Bank Street College of Education, the School for Children welcomes students and families into a community that is dedicated to the theory, practice, and implementation of meaningful education. This work begins with understanding and respecting every child and creating rich learning experiences that put students on the path to fulfilling their brightest dreams and boldest plans. 

2024–25 School Year

Tuition includes the cost of books, field trips, classroom activities, and materials, as well as most programming after school for 10/11s and up. Tuition does not include the school lunch program, the Early Morning Care program, the 3/4s-9/10s After School program, and the Parents’ Association fee of $100. We offer financial aid for all grades, but please note that financial aid in the 3/4s is more limited compared to the 4/5s and above. In the 3/4s we offer only a limited number of financial aid spots and they have a maximum aid award of 50% off tuition. 

  • Preschool (3/4s) Half-Day: $36,110
  • Preschool (3/4s) Full-Day: $41,269
  • Pre-Kindergarten (4/5s): $55,511
  • Kindergarten (5/6s)–Fourth Grade (9/10s): $63,688
  • Fifth Grade (10/11s)–Eighth Grade (13/14s): $66,147

Tuition Payment Options

  • Plan A: Total payment with contract at the time of enrollment
  • Plan B: 60 percent due in July; 40 percent due the following January
  • Plan C: Payments in installments over 10 months from mid-April to the following mid-January

Apply for Financial Aid

The Bank Street School for Children believes that diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families and participation among a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school. We regard socioeconomic diversity as a core educational value. More than half of Bank Street School for Children receive financial assistance. If full tuition proves difficult, we invite families to apply for financial aid and we strive to make our school as accessible as possible. Awards vary widely depending on family circumstances.
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Affiliation with Bank Street College

The School for Children is a division of the larger Bank Street College of Education, a recognized leader in early childhood education, teacher and leader preparation, and the development of innovative practice in school systems across the country. Through this unique connection, the School for Children benefits from a broader intellectual community grounded in over a century of knowledge about how children learn best. For example, two-thirds of head teachers hold master’s degrees from Bank Street Graduate School of Education, one of the country’s premier training grounds for teachers, and our associate teachers are also enrolled in the Graduate School. 
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Beyond Bank Street

Throughout their time at Bank Street, students get to know themselves as learners and as individuals, allowing them to confidently and thoughtfully select a high school that aligns with their interests, strengths, and goals. We partner with families during this process to help students find options for high schools that are best suited to their needs, setting them up for success in the rest of their educational journey and in life. 
High School & College Placement