Annual Fund

Be the change.

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all giving and supports the ongoing day-to-day operational expenses of the school. At Bank Street, tuition and fees only cover about 89% of the budgeted costs—the rest is made up through fundraising. In fact, there is a gap of $4,500 to $5,500 between tuition revenue and the cost to educate a child.

By giving to the Annual Fund, you empower us to:

  • Provide competitive salaries for our faculty so we can attract and retain the best teachers in progressive education
  • Give financial aid to families to ensure our community is as diverse as the society in which the school exists
  • Invest in our teachers to help advance their skills and enable them to pursue leadership roles
  • Make improvements to facilities, including classroom equipment and infrastructure support

Each year, we aim for 100% parent participation. All funds raised for the School for Children Annual Fund go directly to the School for Children and are used during the current fiscal year. Every gift, no matter the size, makes an impact.

Donate to the Annual Fund