Welcome to MiddleSchool@Home

This section is devoted to providing essential information regarding the MiddleSchool@Home. Check this page frequently for updates as we continue to learn, evolve, adapt, and refine our approach to teaching and learning in this new way.

  • Approach

    Phase 1: Community Building

    Connect with students and families using online technology (rebuild our community)The primary goal of week one is to connect with students, and create community. In doing that, we will begin to explore modes of online engagement together. Students will have work assigned to them by their teachers, in a flexible manner as we all adjust to changes in the routine. Students will have one synchronous learning experience each day, and will be provided with work in all subject areas. Synchronous learning is when students will be “live” with their teachers through mini-lessons, morning meetings, etc. Asynchronous learning is when students access their learning through taped videos, links, and assigned activities that allow for flexibility with timing.

    • Introduce and familiarize students with different technologies
    • Provide assignments to stimulate students
    • Re-establish the idea of a routine

    Phase 2: Rollout

    During this week, we will implement our BankStreet@Home schedule, allowing for flexibility as we transition in. Students and teachers will establish norms and routines, and assess how they are working and need to be modified to support students. We will continue to use synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities in different configurations. Students will participate in individual check ins with teachers once/week. Google classroom will continue to be used to deliver content.

    • Establish norms and routines with remote learning
    • Try out synchronous and asynchronous experiences
    • Engage and share work in different subject areas
    • Increase synchronous times
    • Evaluate the schedule and see what works and what needs to be tweaked

    Phase 3: Assess and Adapt

    In week 3, we will deliver our continued curriculum, aligning and adjusting content to be emergent and reflective of the experiences of students. Students and teachers will maintain a predictable and consistent schedule, ensuring daily contact and inquiry based learning. We will continue to assess and reassess the schedule, and provide instruction that meets the needs of our community as a whole.

  • Community Guidelines

    ~To ensure a safe, engaging, and respectful online school community for everyone~

    ~To keep us mindful that no one fully knows the comfort level and circumstances of others~

    ~To be a base from which we adjust and build as we learn and grow from this program~

    Student Responsibility

    Online classes are real classes.

    • Check your google classroom every morning.
    • Show up on time and ready to learn, prepared with any needed materials. Teachers will post the link to your Zoom class on the class website, and will be taking attendance.
    • You are responsible for the material presented in class, but please reach out to teachers if you need help. 
    • If you need help managing your time, please ask your teachers for support. 

    Surroundings and Presentability

    Make sure you are appropriately dressed, and that there is nothing between you and the camera. Your teacher and classmates will be able to see if you are focusing on other things.  

    When you are connected to Zoom:

    • Mute yourself when you are not talking.
    • Stay focused on the speaker or activity, phones and other distractions should not be out.
    • Do not navigate to other tabs unless directed by your teacher.  
    • Do not bring your laptop/device to the bathroom or other inappropriate places.
    • Do not stream music.  
    • Do not interrupt while someone else is speaking. Some teachers may have alternate ways they want to have you make a request.


    Participation in a BankStreet@Home should follow all the same rules and guidelines of attending class at school. Do not record, screenshot, or abuse the technology being used to provide instruction. Your tech contract is still in effect, and we are holding you to those expectations.

    • Be your best self. Be kind, gracious, and patient to everyone in the community.
    • Exercise your best judgement, if you would not say or do something in person or around your grownups, do not do it online.


    • Do not share via email or social media of any teacher-recorded Zoom session or any Google Classroom school or family post that shows children. (Including via screenshots.)

    Posting on Google Classroom

    • For all posts:
      • Post only what is prompted by a teacher.
      • Limit posts to 1-3 times a day to allow space for the whole community.
      • Do not feel pressure to post at all, everyday, or to every prompt.
      • Manage your child’s expectations by letting them know their teacher’s response policy.
    • For comments:
      • Keep written posts brief and in line with the prompt.
      • Comment supportively of children, families, and teachers. Examples:
        • That structure must have taken a lot of work!
        • On your outdoor search for the first letter of your name, you must have been looking carefully to see that small letter.
        • Your idea inspired us to try it. Thanks!
    • For photos or videos:
      • Children must be fully clothed (feet not included…).
      • Photos of children’s work may, but do not need to, include the child.
      • Keep videos short.

    Participating in Zoom Sessions

    • Again, children must be fully clothed (feet not included…).
    • A grown-up must be available to support their child.
    • Participants follow group expectations set by teachers, including:
      • When to mute and unmute.
      • How to take speaking turns.
    • Keep a non-judgmental stance, whether your and other children are quiet, excited, or calm.
  • Google Classrooms
  • Middle School Communications

    Below you will find an archive of weekly communications from the Middle School Division Head.