Summer Camp

Information for 1199 SEIU members

1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East is the largest healthcare union in the United States. Its mission is to achieve quality healthcare, good jobs, and social justice for all.

1199 SEIU families who have gone through the Childcare Fund and registered with the Bank Street Summer Camp are able to register for 4 weeks of camp (see below for exceptions), which the fund will pay for. Any additional selection for a program between 8:30 and 3:00 beyond the selected 4 weeks requires the family to pay for that selection.

If you are not currently approved for Bank Street Summer Camp, contact 1199 directly.

1199 Program Selection at Bank Street Summer Camp

Generally speaking, the Bank Street Summer Camp programs are structured by single-week increments in June, two-week increments from June 28 – August 13.

  • June 28 – July 9 (2 weeks)
  • July 12 – July 30 (3 weeks)
  • August 2 – August 13 (2 weeks)