Summer Camp Blog

Shael Visits Spring Camp

Spring Camp 2015 introduced the Keepers of the Earth program, where campers learned how to take care of living things, such as pets and plants.

The goal of the program is to contribute to campers’ developing connections, interactions and responsibilities with other living things in an interactive and dynamic camp experience. In true Bank Street experiential fashion, the program includes observations, direct interaction, discussion, special guests and local trips.

This past Tuesday, College President Shael Polakow-Suransky was able to join this Spring Camp’s Keepers of the Earth group for an exploratory walk through Riverside Park. Before the group left, Shael enthralled campers with a picture book and a video of his dog Hershey, setting the scene as a pet owner. In the park, Shael shared some of Hershey’s favorite spots that they have discovered on their walks together.

Since the walk with Shael, campers have explored the responsibilities of pet owners. Like they did last year while teachers and students are away on break, Keepers of the Earth campers have spent time caring for the various plants and animals in the School for Children classrooms in an effort to contribute to the Bank Street community.

Most of the Spring Camp counselors work at the Summer Camp. In fact, Keepers of the Earth Head Counselor and creator Evi Rivera-Williams, who is the Head Teacher in the School for Children 6/7s classroom, is the new Lower Camp Unit Head for Summer Camp 2016.