School Lunch Program

Bank Street School for Children offers a nutritious lunch program provided by Butter Beans Kitchen. Butter Beans prepares fresh, hot meals every day, as well as a salad bar with high-quality ingredients and a great variety of options for children who might be developing their tastes or have food allergies and sensitivities.

Our menu features flavorful lunches and fresh snacks daily that are thoughtfully put together based on the seasonality of the ingredients and popularity among students. Butter Beans also includes cuisines from around the world, which broadens children’s culinary horizons, fosters an appreciation for other cultures, and reflects Bank Street’s commitment to diversity.

Additionally, Butter Beans is very intentional about minimizing waste in all of the schools that they service, which has helped to reduce our school’s carbon footprint. Reusable dishes are washed, sanitized, and prepped for the next day, eliminating most of the plastic used in the kitchen.

View Sample Menu (pdf)

Scenes from the Cafeteria

  • Bank Street cafeteria with students
  • School for Children student in line at cafeteria
  • Bella helping to serve food in the cafeteria
  • Student getting served lunch at the School for Children