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Discover how the School for Children helps children develop their academic, social, and emotional intelligence.

At Bank Street School for Children, attendance at an Open HouseĀ is an important step in the application process.

Bank Street School for Children holds both evening and morning Open Houses in the fall and there’s also an opportunity to attend an Open House in the spring. Our evening Open Houses are for parents of children who will be entering our 3/4s (nursery) through 12/13s (seventh grade). Evening Open Houses start at 6:00 PM and end at 7:30 PM.

Our morning Open Houses are specifically for parents of children who will be entering the 3/4s (nursery) and 4/5s (pre-kindergarten). Morning Open Houses start at 9:15 AM and end at 10:45 AM.

AllĀ Open Houses are for adults only. Children applying to the school will have their own school visits.

Register for May 1 (Nursery & Pre-K only)

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