A View With A View

A Room with a View

Teachers, children, and parents pass through the Bank Street Admissions Office, my home away from home, every day. The one comment that I hear from visitors almost daily is, “You have the best view.” I always agree because the view from my office is indeed wonderful, and also an excellent opportunity to learn about what […]

The Lunchtime Solution

This year, the 7/8s have been assigned the earliest lunch slot of the day— 11:30 AM and their lunchtime is preceded by recess.  The schedule allows 30 minutes for each, with no transition time between. For context, recess takes place on the roof (the “10th floor”) and lunch takes place in the cafeteria ( in […]

Javaid Khan, Upper School Division Head, with students

The Power of a Story

A number of years ago, at an assembly at my previous school, we invited an engineer to share her career path. In her speech, she told a story of when a speaker came to present in an assembly at her high school years before. That speaker was a female engineer, and the woman telling the […]

My Worlds and Welcome to Them

My world as the Lower School Division Head is three- to six-year-olds. My world as a parent is an 11-year-old named Lucy who is in her first year in Bank Street’s Upper School (that’s the 10/11s, or 5th grade). Sometimes, these two identities intertwine: When I read in Lucy’s weekly class update that they had […]

A Terrible Teacher

When I tell people that I work in a school, their reaction is, “Oh, what do you teach?” My knee-jerk response is, “I don’t teach; I would be a terrible teacher, the worst teacher ever!” But, It’s not really true. I can teach if I know the material that I’m teaching, whether it’s demonstrating how […]

Goodnight Alexa

One morning in late November, I was standing in an empty 11/12s classroom waiting for the students to return from a Buddhist monastery. In the corner of the meeting area were two pieces of bright construction paper covered in sticky notes. One group of notes was labeled “Our Googleable questions about religion,” and the other, […]

Splash from the Past

In late September, I received an email from Cassie, one of our 5/6s Head Teachers, inviting me to come to her class to tell a story.  Not to read a story, but to tell a story.  As one who spends most of my time in meetings and conversations with adults, I immediately jumped at the […]