Summer Camp

Middle Camp/Upper Camp August Alliance with Daily Swim

Grade 2 – 8

In cooperation with Columbia University, the Bank Street Summer Camp is providing weekly programs for children from pre-K through 8th grade until August 28, which is called the August Alliance. Like the regular camp programs, August Alliance programs take place in the safe and relaxed setting of the Columbia Kraft Center on 115th St. Any children of faculty, staff or students at Columbia University and the Cathedral School will receive a discount of 10%. All campers must be potty-trained to be in camp.

August Alliance programs consist of daily swim and a variety of developmentally appropriate trips and activities. Program options will be available on a week to week basis.

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  • Grupo Paseos (Grade 2-8)

    The Grupo Paseos group is the Spanish Immersion group for the August Alliance. All swiminstruction is in English, but, like other Spanish Immersion groups at Bank Street, the rest of the day provides the students with the opportunity to learn, practice and reinforce the Spanish language through a variety of engaging and interactive activities. The focus is on the development of the students’ receptive and expressive language while creating a positive educational experience. By practicing the language both in and out of the classroom, teachers are able to make the campers feel comfortable, and help develop an appreciation and love for the Spanish language.

    Register for Summer Camp     June, July, & August Programs 

    August 10 – August 14 Grade 2-8 – Grupo Paseos $850
    August 17 – August 21 Grade 2-8 – Grupo Paseos $850
    August 24 – August 28 Grade 2-8 – Grupo Paseos $850
  • Theater in the Park & Daily Swim & Trips (Grade 2-8)

    After swim, the Theater in the Park group will spend the second half of each day doing improvisation, theater games and crafts.

    Register for Summer Camp    June, July & Early August Programs

    August 10 – August 14 Theater in the Park $850
    August 17 – August 21 Theater in the Park $850
    August 24 – August 28 Theater in the Park $850
  • Day Trippers (Grade 2-3)

    Based in our community space at the Kraft Center on 115th Street, campers will swim daily followed swim with trips to museums, amusement parks, nature centers and games in the park.

    Register for Summer Camp     June, July & Early August Programs

    August 10 – August 14 Day Trippers $850
    August 17 – August 21 Day Trippers $850
    August 24 – August 28 Day Trippers $850
  • NYC Adventures (Grade 4-8)

    Explore museums, amusement parks, nature preserves and parks throughout NYC and beyond, while having access to swimming 3-4 times a week. Some trips use subways while others will take a bus.

    Register for Summer Camp     June, July & Early August Programs

    August 10 – August 14 NYC Adventures $850
    August 17 – August 21 NYC Adventures $850
    August 24 – August 28 NYC Adventures $850