After School

Early Morning Care

In order to further support our families, we offer an Early Morning Care program available for Bank Street students ages 4/5s and up.

In order to attend EMC you must first follow this link to register: Register for Early Morning Care
Though the program is free for Bank Street Students who register and attend on a regular basis, there is a $30 per child/per cycle processing fee.  Please do not register to attend on a regular basis if you only plan to drop-in once in a while.

EMC is also available on a Drop-In basis. EMC Drop-Ins cost $10 per child/per morning and families must register their children on Campium to attend. 

Please contact Joanna Sly ( if you need to attend EMC on a given day.  Charges will be added to your Campium account as they accrue so that families can pay online.

*EMC is not available for students younger than 4/5s.