The Parents Association does real, substantive work that is integral to enhancing the education of our children. We understand that Bank Street parents lead busy lives outside of being parents at school. So, when we organize something, it’s not merely for the sake of adding something to the calendar. We are often serving as invaluable partners to the administration and faculty at the School for Children or as bridges from the school to the wider parent body—making a great school community even better for our children. Moreover, as we work together, we know that nearly all the changes we would like to see in the larger world can be worked on through Parents’ Association activities right here in the Bank Street community.

Pitching in on discrete projects/tasks at Bank Street is a great way to meet people, many of whom are likely to become lifelong friends and the indispensable parenting mentors you never knew you needed. There are many “pitch in” opportunities for parents to work with us to help build our community, even in the simple burst of an hour.

The following are just a few ways that we volunteer. You may even dream up your own way to participate!

  • Class Parent
  • Admissions Parent Guide
  • Parent Association Leader
  • Annual Fund Committee
  • Merchandise Committee
  • School Photo Day Committee
  • Fall Fair Committee
  • Bank Street Benefit Committee
  • Spelling Bee Committee
  • Talent Show Committee
  • Green Action Task Force