Student Experience

Child smiling and stretching oobleckBank Street is committed to creating learning opportunities for children that engage their thinking and spark their natural curiosities. While school may look different this year, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver the Bank Street experience to our students and preserve the School for Children as a warm, welcoming, and energizing space for learning and growth.

Below is information on how we have modified our program, routines, and procedures to protect the health and safety of our community during this time. 

Arrival & Dismissal

Coordinated arrival and dismissal plans have been designed to allow each child and family the time and space needed to ensure a safe entry and exit as well as support healthy separation.

Classroom Cohorts

We have divided each grade into small cohorts with an average of 12 students each. These cohorts spend the day together, but remain approximately six feet apart when possible.

Child smiling through legosShared Materials

Materials that are hard to clean are not used. Materials are not shared between classrooms unless they have been washed and allowed to dry. 

Shared Space

The use of our shared spaces has been limited. A single cohort may be allowed in some of these spaces with supervision.

Outdoor Play

The two outdoor spaces for students, the Deck and the Roof, are divided into sections and used in rotation with adult supervision. Students can engage in light to moderate physical activities that enable natural distancing. 

When outside of the building, multiple cohorts may be in the same general area, but students from different cohorts do not intermingle in the same activity.

Child smiling while workingLunch

Students are welcome to bring their own lunch or participate in a prepackaged school lunch program. We are a nut aware school and our lunch program accommodates food allergies and dietary restrictions. No food or utensils are shared.


Our virtual learning program with dedicated expert teaching staff will support online learning for families who have selected that option.